Clocks For Clocks

4 February 2011

Undead Men Tell an Abundance of Tales

Well, well, well.

Clearly, I have not blogged for a while. Clearly. 
I've decided to do so now, at this point in time, that is if this write-up ever gets published to Blogger. 

Anyway, moving along swiftly now.
I've also realized that I need to do two things, well, to address two things. Firstly, I need to update my personal situation. As many things have changed. And secondly, I need to create a portal of such, a place to put all the links to all the places at which I am able to be found at and such of the like.

Until then.
Good bye, comrades.
This has been you're beloved Korn.
Toodle pip.

6 December 2010

Sixth Of December Update

*Datapad message opened*

<Hail onto the Emperor. This is a report, as of request, from he's highness himself on the situation of one current affair to the greatest of concerns of the state of the Union Empire. 5/12/2001ABY, Expansion Region, Ghost Nebula, Umbara system, Umbara. GC: P-10. The Umabarese Civil War reached climax around 1400 hours, the Eastern First Front lead by a mysterious and anonymous warlord captured the capital settlement, Doore, later claiming victory and uniting the planet under there banner. 6/12/2001ABY The new, united Umbarese nation occupy their spacial territory with small craft, perhaps a defence pointing to our border line. As all informed would know, this endangers the Third Fleet's placement to roam. I can only suggest that we have a diplomatic envoy test the waters 
-Grand Advisor Governor Tredek, under your command always. >

*Datapad closed*

4 December 2010

On The Fourth Day Of December.

Not much happened. 

At all.
In the slightest.
But I did get a Lego Viking.
That was pretty neat.

I've been ignoring this fine blogging establishment in recent days.
Perhaps I should not.
Perhaps I should continue to try to blog more.
Or I should not?
I'm not sure.

I'll update you all on the rebel Infidel faction.
They seem to be based in the occupied zone in western Hutt Space, I have reasons to believe that they may be funded by the Hutt Cartel.
They were forced out of Nar Shaddaa after it was annexed to the Union Empire.
Possibly to Zisia, in the unoccupied east of the region.
Investigations continue.


12 November 2010

Operation Sweepstake Day2

Rebel Scientist Captured.

Professor Zamrichk Fredder, a long time Anti-Union Empire rebellious sympathiser was apprehended by Commandos during a raid on an insurgent swamp camp. This all but confirms suspicions that Professor Fredder has been working with the rebels.

Fredder knows things, things about their plans, the camp that was destroyed by missile fire yesterday was home to some kind of laser artillery cannon. They were clearly going to try to launch attack at Union garrisons in the region as there is clear targets.

The mountains and swamplands are filled with insubordinates.  At all costs, I must not lose any more control of the area. For the time being raids like that are paying-off, useful for now. Over running their stations in and around Toydaria is vital.  

11 November 2010

Operation Sweepstake Day1

Operation Sweepstake was a success.

<The rebels now know that their actions will no longer go unnoticed. A Dire Wolf Missile, exosphere-to-land, hit a rebel camp followed by a deployment of specialist frogmen into the lower swamps, scouts, hunters. Track down and eliminate tactically stationed scum. Clear landing to a suspected base. The climax of the mission.

10 November 2010

On The Verge Of War

On the verge of warfare again?

It seems...
I find myself forced to deploy troops into battle again, in order to combat insurgents operating in the lower frontiers of Union Empire. I have tolerated their Guerilla ways for long enough, it is now that they question me in more explosive ways. Surely I must have to rid them of activity quickly, I plan to.

Emperor 1st Infantry And Special Operations Legion and 2nd Armour Legion Of The Eagle are to be sent to the swamp mountains of Toydaria as part of Operation Sweepstake.